A 360 ° excursion to discover the entire Valle D'Aosta!

Travel along the rapids of the Dora Baltea, discovering waves, waterfalls and the Lac D'Argent.

In collaboration with our center, then continue to explore surrounded by nature on board Quad with your friends!


Rafting allows you to test your agility, your dexterity, your desire for sport and more ... on board our raft, on the waters of the Dora Baltea, you will enjoy the most evocative views that the mountain can offer!


With us you can enjoy the beauty of the Valle D'Aosta from a different perspective, you will sail the waters of the Dora Baltea in complete safety.


The activity of rafting uses specially designed inflatable boats to withstand the stresses of the river, reinforced and divided into independent air chambers. In rafting the crews are normally composed of 6 (min.4 max 8) "passengers" and the guide. When possible, the river raft descends at close range. Before departure, all the techniques and measures necessary for the rafting descent are illustrated with a "theoretical lesson". All participate actively in the conduct of the raft with paddles, following the instructions and the precise commands of the Guide.



The personal clothing necessary for an exciting rafting descent consists of a swimsuit or shorts, sneakers (or neoprene sub / surf boots), long-sleeved technical shirt or T-shirt, bath towel or bathrobe for shower .



The center offers nautical equipment and CE approved, compliant with safety standards.

We provide a neoprene suit, a water jacket, a life jacket, a helmet and a pair of boots.



You are on base 15 minutes before the scheduled time to register and pay.

You will then be taken to the Briefing area where the Guides will conduct a brief theoretical lesson on safety and will explain how to participate in the rafting activity (the various types of rowing, the commands, how to swim, etc.).

Then you will be given all the necessary material (wetsuit, water jacket, life jacket, helmet and boots). Then you will be taken to board with a rafting guide with which you will do some dry tests out of water before leaving. From here the true rafting adventure begins. After riding the impetuous waves of the river on Rafting Aventure rafts returned to base you can access the changing rooms, change and take a hot shower.


Rafting Aventure has thirty years experience in organizing outdoor activities and extreme sports in Valle D'Aosta. Safety for us always comes first. Beware of those who promise very favorable conditions, at least in appearance. Rely on us, the true and historical professionals of outdoor and extreme sports in Valle D'Aosta.

+39 345 51 79 705


+39 345 51 79 705

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