The Villeneuve Adventure Park is located in the charming Valle d'Aosta, a region where the landscape and the colors of the sky leave you breathless! The Adventure Park is a path to all effects, but with something unique and unusual: it is ... suspended from the ground!


You will experience the forest at 360 °, passing from one tree to another thanks to the connected platforms. You will have to pass the wooden walkways, walk on the swinging trunks, challenge the Tibetan bridges and the Tyroleans (pulleys), launch yourself with the lianas, climb on the rope walls and ... much more, testing your physical abilities, your balance and your concentration.


The structures are made with steel cables and the paths are made by wearing a harness with double longe and pulley, mandatory for all.

Our staff will explain how to use the material; after the briefing, you can start the adventure in full autonomy, moving freely, but without forgetting that a technician is always available for any doubt or need.


The multiple paths of the Park are suitable for everyone from families with children to the most daring adults.

Spending a day immersed in nature, suspended among the trees, is an exciting game that allows you to have fun and at the same time to know the environment to learn to respect it through knowledge.

The peculiarity of the Park, in fact, is to be an activity with a low environmental impact: no motorized vehicles, no noise, no pollution.

A valid alternative to escape the chaos of the city, plunging into the woods and facing an authentic adventure!


+39 345 51 79 705


+39 345 51 79 705

Rafting Aventure Park;

Frazione Chavonne 7 

11018 Villeneuve AO Italia

Rafting Aventure Villeneuve Soc. Coop. S.D. Frazione Veyne n°23 11018 VILLENEUVE (AO) Cod. Fisc. e Part. IVA 01192130076