A fusion with water, a single force of nature. The Valle D'Aosta is the first in Italy to have introduced extreme sports, for over 30 years Rafting Aventure, first in Italy, offers courses and descents hydrospeed guided on the Dora Baltea with a safe approach, gradual but just as fast and adrenaline.


After a small theoretical lesson and a first test in the Lac d'Argent, supported by an expert guide, you are ready to approach this adrenaline activity. Depending on your abilities and attitudes to swimming with the fins, you can then descend the most exciting stretches of the river, always with the guarantee given by the guides of the Center.


The distance of the routes also varies according to the level of the river and the capacity of the participants.

You do not even have to worry about the weather forecast. Whether it rains or does not rain you will be completely immersed in the water and you will still get soaked by an exciting hydrospeed descent on the waves of the river. So the hydrospeed is also done in bad weather.


To book the introductory course or guided hydrospeed descents, simply call the Rafting Aventure office.



You are at the office 15 minutes before the scheduled time for registration and payment.

Afterwards, you will be taken to the Briefing area where the Guides will conduct a brief theoretical lesson on safety and will explain how to participate in the activity of the hydrospeed (such as running with hydrospeed, commands, how to swim, etc.).

Then you will be given all the necessary material (wetsuit, boots, life jacket, helmet and hydrospeed). Then you will be taken to the dock where our hydrospeed guides will give you some tests before leaving. From here the true hydrospeed adventure begins. After surfing the impetuous waves of the Dora Baltea, we will be waiting for our bus that will take you back to the base where you can access the locker rooms, change and take a hot shower.


Rafting Aventure has thirty years experience in organizing outdoor activities and extreme sports in Valle D'Aosta. Safety for us always comes first. Beware of those who promise very favorable conditions, at least in appearance. Rely on us, the true and historical professionals of outdoor and extreme sports in Valle D'Aosta.

+39 345 51 79 705


+39 345 51 79 705

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