A fun opportunity to get to know the territory of the lower Valle D'Aosta in family or with friends plowing the waters of the Dora Baltea.


Starting from spring and for the entire duration of the summer, it is possible to reach the feet of the fortress by boat, accompanied by expert guides along an itinerary to discover the stretch of Dora Baltea between Arnad and Bard.

Following the participants will be able to visit the spaces of the Forte di Bard, by accessing them directly from the embankment of the Dora Baltea.


The rafting route is dedicated to all lovers of nature and culture who want to spend a day of leisure testing themselves along the rapids of the river in complete safety with our federal guides.

Meeting at the Rafting Aventure base at the fishing pond in the hamlet of Echallod, in Arnad.


* the stretches and the duration of the descents can vary according to the water levels.




RAFTING FAMILY - € 20.00 for children, € 25.00 for adults

RAFTING FAMILY + STRONG OF BARD - € 27.00 children, € 35.00 adults

RAFTING FUNNY - € 25.00 for children, € 35.00 for adults



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