Ride the most exciting waves of the Dora Baltea! The Rafting Aventure team will accompany you in this incredible experience!


Kayak allows you to experience the river as in no other sport ... with our instructors on the waters of the Dora Baltea, you will discover the most sensational sights in complete safety.



Open to all. The eskimo is the maneuver that allows the kayaker, in the event of a rollover, to return to the navigation layout without leaving the canoe. Anyone who faces a rapid must have absolute mastery of this maneuver as it is the first and most effective form of self-rescue. The course takes place all year round, even individually, at the lake of Brissogne, with a swimming pool for practice, or in a swimming pool for the coldest season.



Ever thought of approaching this fascinating discipline? Now you can and in total security. The basic course we offer is open to everyone! During the course we will deal with: use and maintenance of materials, boarding and disembarkation, basic paddling technique and basic maneuvers, self-help principles.



Open to those who have already mastered the elements covered in the basic course and possibly a good eskimo. In the course we will deal with: river morphology and reading of the currents, embarkation and disembarkation in the river, advanced paddling and conduction techniques (high support, coupling, semicircular, buff, flank, counter-flank, tail pin, eskimo in current, ...), principles of self-help, rescue principles and techniques, programming of a descent.



for those under the age of 14 there is the possibility to take part in a short canoe course (6h in 3 days) centered on knowledge of the equipment and games in the water to stimulate the aquaticity and mastery of the fundamentals of kayaking.



Descent of a stretch of the Dora Baltea in an inflatable two-seater canoe independently with the sole supervision of our guide

Euro 60 per person (minimum 2 pax - maximum 7 pax) possibility to return by bicycle


Rafting Aventure has thirty years experience in organizing outdoor activities and extreme sports in Valle D'Aosta. Safety for us always comes first. Beware of those who promise very favorable conditions, at least in appearance. Rely on us, the true and historical professionals of outdoor and extreme sports in Valle D'Aosta.

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+39 345 51 79 705

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